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Wiring harnesses |cable wire harnesses Manufacturer -JETOSH

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2020 01-02
5S management Of Cable Manufacturer 5S management is familiar to enterprise managers. So what exactly can 5S management bring? First of all, the purpose of 5s is introduced. 5s refers to the core of manufacturing site management and product-oriented, which promotes orderly site management, improves production efficiency, and guarantees quality and The magic weapon of quality and cost reduction. The purpose is to shorten delivery time, ensure safe production management, and improve staff morale. So how does Jetosh do 5s?
2019 12-30
Benefits of custom wiring harnesses Professional custom wiring harness processing factory can customize wiring harness according to customer needs, according to different lengths, colors, labels and different functions. Dedicated to dedicated lines, maximizing the stability and fast transmission of the equipment used. Jetosh will share the main advantages and knowledge points of custom wiring harness based on many years of wiring harness production experience.
2019 12-27
USB4 officially released In early March 2019, the official USB-IF world organization announced the official release of the next generation of USB4 (note that it is not USB 4.0). Now, the USB4 standard is officially announced! USB is definitely the most widely used interface in the history of science and technology. It has undergone four versions of upgrades, from USB 1.0 to the current USB4, and the latest USB4 is the largest in the history of this interface
2019 12-26
Equipment connection cable life Nowadays, whether it is industrial equipment or household equipment, the types of connection cables used are becoming more and more extensive, but for ordinary consumers. I don't know much about the life of the device's connection line. The warranty period can only be seen on the device's warranty or on the card.
2019 12-23
USB Cable Manufacturer Nowadays, with the development of technology, almost everyone has started to use mobile phones, the number of mobile phones has increased, and the accompanying mobile phone accessories have also started to increase. Data cable manufacturers are also springing up and blooming everywhere.
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  • Wiring harnesses |cable wire harnesses Manufacturer -JETOSH
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  • Wiring harnesses |cable wire harnesses Manufacturer -JETOSH
  • Wiring harnesses |cable wire harnesses Manufacturer -JETOSH
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