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Wire harness processing factory USB data cable storage tips

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                             Wire harness processing factory USB data cable storage tips

      The USB data cable is composed of PVC plastic and aluminum foil shielding layer. The wire processing factory is a roll transaction for the purchase of wires. Long time curling will cause damage to the outer cover of the USB data cable or the shielding layer, resulting in a reduction in the life of the USB data cable. Therefore, the wiring harness processing plant is very important for the maintenance of raw materials. So, is the Jetosh wiring harness processing plant suitable for storing USB data cables?

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Material cost is the main cost of the product, so the storage of raw materials is very critical. How does Jetosh Wire Harness Processing Factory store raw materials?

First, according to different weather, temperature and humidity and indoor temperature are different, the salt fog and life caused by USB data cable are different, so the wiring harness processing factory must strictly control the indoor temperature to maintain about 25 ℃ in storage conditions.


Second, Any medium is a conductor, humidity, indoor dust, etc. will affect the use of USB data cables. The USB three-piece storage for a long time is easily oxidized by water and dust. If the maintenance is not good, it will easily affect the use of data cables, resulting in USB The data cable does not work properly and the download speed slows down, so the Jetosh wiring harness processing plant requires warehouse managers to perform 5S management every day.

Reserve safety stocks of raw materials and carry out regular inventory. Warehouse managers strictly follow the first-in, first-out principle to ensure the sound operation of the materials, which will not cause the raw materials to curl for a long time and affect the service life of the products.

 The above is the basic raw material storage method of the wiring harness processing factory. For more wiring harness processing factory management methods, you can pay attention to Jetosh official website.


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