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Location: 首页 » JETOSH News Center » Industry News » Why is the Jetosh wire harness processing factory better than other factories?

         With the improvement of people's living standards, various household appliances, industrial products, automation and other products continue to improve, and the demand for wire harnesses has also increased. Wire harness processing plants are labor-intensive processing industries. For more than 80 years, there have been countless wire harness processing plants. How to choose the wire harness processing manufacturer is becoming more and more important. The customers regularly check the production and technical capabilities of the wire processing factory every year. A financial POS machine manufacturer has cooperated 20 Years ago, what is the customer's feedback on the Jetosh wire harness processing factory better than other manufacturers?


The advantages of the Jetosh wire harness processing manufacturer over other manufacturers are as follows: First,Jetosh company production technology manufacturing capacity 1. Jetosh has been focusing on the online beam processing industry for 20 years, constantly accumulating and learning the expertise of wire harness processing, and has a professional technical team. 2. The company continuously purchases and replaces advanced production equipment, replaces manual production with automation, and has higher production efficiency than most wire processing plants. 3. Jetosh has obtained certificates such as IATS16949, UL, ISO14001 and 9001. Second, quality supply chain management 1. Jetosh Company mainly uses JST, Molex, HRS and other foreign imported connector manufacturers. 2. The cable is selected from professional suppliers of domestic listed companies.3. Regularly review suppliers Third, wire harness production process management 1. After the materials enter the factory, IQC must be inspected strictly according to the parts drawings. 2. In the production process, the quality control, the batch failure, the quality inspection and control of key processes, the first inspection and mass inspection of mass production. 3, wire harness processing plant production monitoring 4. The “5S” management is strictly implemented at the wire harness processing and production site. 5. According to the “production plan”, the production task arrangement will be strictly implemented, and the “production schedule” and “transfer order” will be strictly implemented.6. Each station must be self-tested during the online beam processing and production process. The IPQC process inspection and timely filling out the report, with abnormal and timely feedback. Wire harness processing, customization, wire processing, wire harness processing manufacturers to find Jetosh, Jetosh specializes in the connection line, data line processing, custom industry for 22 years, mainly produces electronic wire harness, USB data line, connecting wire harness processing.

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