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USB data cable processing

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                   USB data cable processing

The printer is an indispensable device for the office. With the increasing demand for printer functions and efficiency, the USB3.0 data transmission line constantly replaces the USB2.0 data line. What are the differences between USB3.0 and USB2.0? Fuxin data line manufacturers talk about the basic knowledge of the two data lines.




The difference between USB3.0 and USB2.0 is as follows:


First, the appearance of the structure is different:

1. USB2.0 adopts 4-pin design, while USB3.0 adopts 9-pin design. Compared with USB3.0, USB3.0 is more powerful.

2. The USB3.0 interface is marked with the "SS" style, while the USB2.0 only marks the normal USB universal logo.

3. The USB2.0 interface is white, and the USB3.0 interface is blue.


Second, the data line transmission rate is different:

1. The theoretical maximum transmission data of USB2.0 is 480M per second, while the USB 3.0 ultra-high speed (SS) new transmission mode can achieve data transmission rate of up to 5 GB/s (625 MB/s).

2. USB 3.0 also provides more efficient power management and more powerful power output than USB 2.0. The USB 3.0 device operates in ultra-high speed mode and supports 900mA current, which increases the total output power from 2.5 W to 4.5 W (at 5 V).

Third, the communication quality is different:


USB 3.0 can transfer large files (such as HD movies) at the storage rate defined by the storage device. For example, a USB 3.0 flash drive can transfer 1GB of data to a host in 15 seconds, while USB 2.0 takes 43 seconds.


Through the advantages of USB3.0 above USB2.0, more and more enterprises use USB3.0 data cable, Jiefuxin wire harness processing factory has been adhering to the "customer satisfaction" quality policy, 22 years of unswerving adherence to the goal Continue to struggle. With professional terminal wire processing and wire harness design team, it mainly serves wire harness processing for smart home, new energy vehicles and financial equipment.


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