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The use of elevator wiring harness requirements and structural features

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With the extensive use of elevators in our daily life, we enjoy the elevator to bring us a lot of convenience. However, in the convenience of the same time there is a great security risk. So, the use of elevator wiring harness requirements and what is the structure? JETOSH wire production experts to explain to you about.


1, the cable should be free to use before hanging, full back twist, cable reinforced core should be fixed, while bearing tension;

2, a number of cables should be laid in laying, in operation, the cable with the elevator up and down together to move, bending frequently, soft, bending performance;

3, the cable laying vertically, requires a certain degree of tensile strength;

4, the working environment of oil to fire, the cable does not require fire;

5, requires a small diameter, light weight.

The use of elevator wiring harness requirements and structural features

Structural features:

1, the use of 0.2mm round copper wire harness twist, insulation and conductor between the package isolation layer, when the cable with the same strand to increase the cable soft, bending performance;

2, the cable to increase the cable to strengthen the core, to withstand mechanical tension, strengthen the core using nylon rope, wire rope and other materials to increase the cable tensile strength;

3, YTF-type cable with chloroprene rubber-based jacket to improve the cable weather resistance and non-flame retardant.

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