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The difference between flame retardant wires and fire resistant wires

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Flame-resistant wire (cable)

Flame retardant refers to the flame retardant block, which delays the spread of the flame along the cable line, so that the fire does not expand and the cable has self-extinguishing performance.

According to national laboratory standards (GB12666-99), flame-retardant cables can be divided into three levels: ZRA, ZRB, ZRC. In general product nomenclature, ZRA GZR is usually referred to as high flame retardant cable or cable or high oxygen barrier and oxygen barrier flame retardant cable. ZRC stands for general flame retardant product ZR.


While maintaining the flame retardant performance of the cable and the general physical and chemical properties of the cable, it is self-extinguishing, that is, it is not easy to burn, or fire, or for some reason itself ignited by the cable fireproof external source, the fire extinguishing cable interrupts the combustion , Or the burning time (less than 60 minutes) is very short, or a short length flame retardant.

Compared to the halogen-containing flame-retardant cable, the flame-retardant cable has the advantages of low toxicity and low smoke. The flame retardant grade is not high, basically class C. The reason is the degradation temperature of non-halogen flame retardant efficiency of a halogen group for oxygen fire extinguishing endocytosis energy efficiency ratio.

Oxygen barrier flame retardant technology is mainly between the outer layer of the cable and the insulation core filled with inorganic metal sheathed wire hydrate, which is non-toxic, odorless, and white halogen-free gum. The oxygen-resistant flame-retardant cable does not change the structure of the cable. In the case of raw material parameters, it is suitable for low, medium and high voltage power cables, control cables and communication cables, and flame retardants such as cables.

Refractory wire (cable)

Refractory wire refers to the integrity of a type of circuit that maintains the power supply capacity of the cable during the flame for a certain period of time when the flame-resistant fire-resistant device can operate at a certain holding time.

According to the national test standard (GB12666-99), it can be divided into two layers of refractory cables: NHA, NHB; In the general product name, NHA usually means GNH, which is called high refractory wire. NHB NH indicates that the fire resistance is average.

The fire-resistant cable can continue to work (current and signal transmission). In the event of a fire, check your own sex list. In the case of flame-retardant cables, the work task is quickly disconnected, and its function is flame retardant and non-spreading, which can self-extinguish. Can maintain the normal operation of 750 ~ 800 ℃ burning flame refractory cable within 180 minutes.

Fire-resistant wires are actually another type of fire-resistant wires. It is a conductive copper core and sheath made of seamless copper, magnesium oxide inorganic mineral insulation and other materials.

As an integral structure of inorganic materials, it can not only prevent the entire cable from being burnt, but also not be burnt. And can withstand fire. The test shows that: after 2 hours in the burning flame at 800 ~ 900 ℃, the wire is still in normal operation, it can be operated normally at 1000 ℃, and it can remain intact during the flame burning for 30 minutes. The normal normal working temperature is 250 ℃, which can completely run safely.

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  • Wiring harnesses |cable wire harnesses Manufacturer -JETOSH
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  • Wiring harnesses |cable wire harnesses Manufacturer -JETOSH
  • Wiring harnesses |cable wire harnesses Manufacturer -JETOSH
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