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Jetosh visited Decard Tech to learn together

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On May 18th,2017,The wire processing factory Jetosh visited Shenzhen Decard Technology,and together with many learners of Decard company had a in-depth discussions on wires and cables related knowledge.Studied and exchanged industry knowledge together. Lets make progress and grow together.


First all of,the sales manager of our company gave a general introduction to the contents of the exchange meeting. And then the learners also shared their own industry knowledge.

Mr Yu who is business chief of Jetosh International company gave a detailed explanation on the basic knowledge of wire and cable and related certification.



    Before the end of the meeting,Everyone talked about their harvest experience simply. We often say that learning is endless. Jetosh have been holding the concept of star from scratch,learning with an open mind.Because with the increasingly fierce competition,we must adapt to change, we need constant communication,learning and continuous improvement.

On the road of wire processing,Jetosh is committed to the manufacture of high-quality wire and provide quality assurance to our customers.

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