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JETOSH participates in Sheng and school

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June 24, 2017, in order to better the "six sophisticated" business philosophy applied to the electronic wiring harness processing industry, JETOSH went to Sheng and private school to participate in the study, participated in the 2017 Inamori Kazuo business philosophy national report.

JETOSH participates in Sheng and school

JETOSH put the "six sophisticated" business theory applied to the company's actual operations, creating a unique form of JETOSH unique style. Will soon be back "six sophisticated":

1, to pay no less than anyone's efforts.

2, to be modest, do not be proud.

3, every day to reflect on.

4, alive will be grateful.

5, plot good, think of him.

6, do not have emotional trouble.

One day is the morning, the early days of the purpose is to encourage the momentum of the staff, adjust everyone's mind, threw himself into the work, and electronic wiring harness processing plant JETOSH common progress.

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