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JETOSH everyone is always a letter from the family

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Dear JETOSH family: Good morning!

Today we are gathered to hold the 2016 Annual Year Award. At this moment at the moment, I feel very excited!

The first is because the 2015 company to develop the vision "to achieve JETOSH harness processing plant staff and spiritual civilization double harvest", today we are practicing!

Can not say that the company has done it, but today's assembly can at least prove that this is not an empty talk, it is action! Today we are doing, and we have established a clear system, the company management is leading everyone to this right path On the move forward! This is a continuous and long-term development is consistent with China's national conditions of the hard truth, but also in line with JETOSH wiring harness processing plant to carry out business practices the hard truth! With the development, we can achieve the material and spiritual civilization of the double harvest Is the last word.

JETOSH everyone is always a letter from the family

My mind is very excited another reason is: JETOSH harness company, the entire team began to form Baotuan, a kind of upward force is under the leadership of the management, and gradually grow up.

We have begun to understand that only Baotuan and form a concerted effort, we have the fighting in order to make enterprises stronger. Our happiness needs to rely on us to create! Heaven can not fall down the pie, a better future, relying on our colleagues here to form a joint effort to fight and struggle!

Today we can sit here, to achieve JETOSH Harness processing plant 2016 annual prize awards and commendation of the General Assembly, that is, we work together to form a joint effort! Here, I am excited with the mood, congratulations! Thank you very much!

Yesterday, I share the article in the class of micro-credit group to share an article, "Shenzhen's manufacturing industry, is the real estate industry in Shenzhen away." I do not want to leave Shenzhen, JETOSH do not want to leave the manufacturing industry! But the reality of the conditions , Placed in front of us, even Huawei is such a good business, have to leave Shenzhen, JETOSH way out where? This topic, throw everyone a little heavy, but I can answer.

First, adhere to learning, continuous innovation!

We all know that today's society is the era of knowledge and information explosion. Students learn the undergraduate knowledge, 5 years out of date. I'm not alarmist. Therefore, I called on everyone, must be in the spare time, hard to read, to develop their own study plan, so that their knowledge and skills and awareness to enhance and change! 2016, we set up a network class, which is the result of learning. Although we have not achieved the expected results today, but we are determined, out of this step! I believe that we will be getting better and better! In your colleagues Liu Xiaoli, we all see, through their own study, this year In the network marketing skills, has been improved. I asked, JETOSH harness processing plant of each colleague, must have the awareness and action of continuous learning, can not hold the empiricist ideas, do a lifetime. Because knowledge can change fate, not experience change fate.

Second, enhance the mind, and strive to operate!

To the business philosophy of Taosheng and husband to learn! Manufacturing industry, is a down to the bitter industry, we have to enter, we must have full mental preparation, the industry gives us the quality, is dedicated, down to earth; not ambitious, rhetoric ; Need diligence and hard work; need to accumulate and continue!

Third, the introduction of "amoeba" business.

Miss Hu also just put forward. In order to achieve the above 3 points, JETOSH wiring harness processing plant in the future, that is, to achieve the above three points, JETOSH wiring harness processing plant is the future, is to improve the work efficiency, reduce costs, in a difficult environment to survive, A bright road! When we strive to achieve the material and spiritual civilization of the double harvest of the commitment to have a strong guarantee!

From the PC era, to the Internet age, to the Internet of things, to the artificial intelligence, our society in the rapid development. We need to keep a clear mind, recognize their own lack of ability to work hard, and strive to upstream. Let us work together, surmount, tempered forward!

Wish: JETOSH harness processing plant tomorrow better!

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