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How to choose harness material for electronic harness processing

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The popularity of electronic products, so that the use of the wiring harness is very wide, but no matter what kind of occasions inside the use of wire harness problems may cause serious consequences, so the quality of the wiring harness is very important, and the harness material is good or bad , Will directly affect the quality of the wiring harness, while the choice of harness material, will be related to the use of wiring harness period. The following JETOSH harness processing manufacturers to teach you how to choose harness material.

In general, the wiring harness is composed of insulating sheath, wrapping material, wire and terminal, etc., so only need to understand these materials, you can easily distinguish the pros and cons of wiring harness.

How to choose harness material for electronic harness processing

1, the choice of insulation sheath material

The material of the jacket is generally made of the following: ABS, PA6, PBT, PA66 and PP and so on. In the design of the plug-in time can be based on different needs to choose a different material, can also be based on the actual situation in the plastic inside to add enhanced class of materials, so as to achieve the purpose of enhancement.

2, the choice of dressing material

Harness bandage can play a flame retardant, to prevent interference, wear, reduce noise, corrosion and beautify the appearance of the role, generally according to the specific environment and the size of the space to choose the appropriate dressing material.

3, wire harness selection

This is the need to use the environment according to the different, to select the corresponding wire material

4, terminal blocks

The main material of the terminal is copper, bronze and brass (bronze hardness higher than the brass), in which the proportion of brass possession of some more. In addition, the need to choose according to different requirements of different coatings.

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