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How to check electronic wire harness

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The inspection of electronic wire products is the first process we face when we produce and process electronic wires. Electronic wire products can only be prepared for packaging and distribution after passing the product qualification inspection. So how to determine whether the product meets the standard, let Jetosh will explain to you how to test the electronic wire products, and hope that it will be relatively helpful to everyone.


Firstly, electronic wire appearance inspection

1. Make sure that the surface of the product is clean and free of abnormal colors, water marks, shrinkage and bubbles.

2. Make sure that the shape of the product is smooth, without any damage, lack of glue, deformation, mold blasting, filling, and crushing of the wire.

3. Make sure that the printed content of the product's appearance conforms to the specifications and templates, and the handwriting is clear.

Secondly, electronic wire use function check

1. Conduct the continuity test of its products.

2. Make sure that there is no open circuit or short circuit in its products.

3. Perform the three tests (insulation test, high voltage test, and indirect contact failure test) of its products, and ensure that they are qualified.

4. Make sure that its products are not misaligned.

Thirdly, electronic wire size inspection

The dimensions of its products must conform to the requirements of the certificate of approval and engineering drawings.

Fourth, the packaging inspection of electronic wires

1. The packaging of its products should be neat and free of shortage.

2. The identification of its products must be clear and clear, without errors, with material numbers, indicating the production date and company name.

The above is all the information about electronic wire processing inspection introduced by Jetosh. Jetosh is a comprehensive wire harness processing manufacturer integrated with production and processing. Touched by the corporate mission of striving for enterprise development, with the customer's 100% product satisfaction quality policy, 22 years of unswerving advancement in the online harness processing and customization industry, the main production can only be home wiring harnesses, automotive wiring harnesses, finance Equipment wiring harness and other connection line processing.

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  • Wiring harnesses |cable wire harnesses Manufacturer -JETOSH
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  • Wiring harnesses |cable wire harnesses Manufacturer -JETOSH
  • Wiring harnesses |cable wire harnesses Manufacturer -JETOSH
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