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How does the car harness correctly select the harness?

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With the continuous development of the automotive industry and the rapid changes in the global economic situation, new energy automotive wiring harness has become the most important part of the current automotive industry.

However, the processing of automotive wiring harness and related quality problems still exist some of our problems can not be underestimated, small problems are often triggered the origin of big events ... ...

From the hot event Maserati due to the presence of the seat harness hidden a total of 31621 and the harness due to improper Jeep Wrangler series of cars also recalled the news we can easily see. So the wiring harness processing in the automotive industry is also the importance of self-evident.

So what's the problem? How does the car harness choose the correct wire?

How does the car harness correctly select the harness?

First: According to the maximum current of the wire to select the appropriate line or cross-sectional area.

The wire diameter is generally calculated as follows

Copper wire S = IL / 54.4 * U`

Aluminum wire S = IL / 34 * U`

In the formula: I - the maximum current through the wire A

And Rh =s. Rhithers.itheromenulatesitherigmaiculates outcome

And Rh ns calling rounds.32 Refinding outcome stratifier stratified composition

S - the cross-sectional area of the conductor


1, U2 voltage drop can be used by the entire system equipment such as the detector range to the system power supply

The source voltage rating is taken into account.

2, calculated cross-sectional area up by

Second: usually use high temperature, oil, vibration, friction resistance of the wire.

We need to select the different types of lines according to the working environment of the specific wires and the specific requirements.

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