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Harness processing

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The wire harness processing industry is labor intensive. According to the application environment of the customer's products, the processing method of the wire harness is designed. Therefore, the wire harness is generally custom-made. Wire harness custom processing is mainly divided into: electronic wire and cable processing. In general, the equipment is mainly used for electronic wire harnesses. The external lines are mainly made of cables. Due to different wire harness processing equipment, the poor PPM of different products specified by the company is also Not the same, how does the wire harness factory control bad PPM?


The bad PPM calculation of the wire harness processing factory is calculated at a non-performing rate of one million points. The bad PPM directly affects the sales volume of the client. Therefore, the quality control of the equipment manufacturer in the process of selecting the wire harness processing factory is one of the key inspection projects, then the Czech Republic How does the Xin Wire Bundle Factory manage quality? 1. The necessary process for the electronic wire harness in the production process during the IQC 2 hour line inspection test, the real data must be registered during the inspection process. 2. Now the wire harness processing factory mainly produces products with automation equipment, then the pre-production test is an important link. After the mold debugging is OK, it must be observed for 5 minutes, the product output is normal, and the operator must regularly check whether the product is in the production process. Poor product. 3, electronic wire harness production report, need real-time statistics, according to the product classification statistics, the occurrence of bad product processes, timely detection of the emergence of bad sources, timely improvement, to avoid the flow of bad products into the client, resulting in adverse consequences. 4. New products must hold a new product development meeting before trial production to discuss the wire harness processing process and precautions.

Jiefuxin wire harness processing factory has been adhering to the "customer satisfaction" quality anyway, 22 years of unswervingly adhere to the goal and work hard. It is believed that Jiefuxin's insistence will be recognized by more and more customers. In the terminal connection line, wire harness processing, and custom industry inspirational, it mainly produces connecting lines for smart home wiring harnesses, automobile wiring harnesses, and financial equipment harnesses.

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