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Function and Composition of Wire Harness

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Wire is power of two device features simple, signals can be sent to each other, wire is generally used in the machine or the interior of the casing thread, we generally referred to as the "wire harness" usually consists of multiple beam with Housing, Terminal to form, whereas the other thread we call external thread, consists of connector and cable, connector is a kind of mechanism parts, by the conductor, insulation and institutions to form, the purpose is to quickly change ChouHuan, cable is by the conductor, insulation, shading and filler material to form。


Integrity and power can do a long distance transmission, the part of conductor material is iron, aluminum, copper, silver, alloy, insulator material part of rubber, plastic, rubber, high polymer plastic, PVC, PU, PE, cover material part of the main can be divided into braided copper, aluminum and magnesium weave, copper foil isolation, filling material parts mainly can be divided into paper, filler, cotton, talcum powder.

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