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Design Principles of Automobile Harness Processing

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As there are more and more electronic control units in the car, the data transmission amount of each electronic control unit also increases by multiples, which requires the car wiring harness to have a higher quality information transmission function, and subsequently, the design of the car wiring harness becomes more and more complicated . Therefore, when designing automotive wiring harnesses, Jetosh wire harness processing factory will follow the following principles:

auto wire harness

First, the wiring harness between two relatively moving parts must be fixed on each component, and the connection length of the wiring harness should be greater than the maximum replacement distance of these two parts by more than 25mm

Second, all wiring harnesses arranged near moving parts should have a minimum clearance of 50mm. Under the condition of the maximum assembly tolerance of the wiring harness, the gap between the wiring harness installed on the transmission system and the parts not installed on the transmission system is at least 19mm. This is to ensure the entire range of motion of the moving parts / assembly.

      Third, the gap between the wire harness and the adjacent pieces that are not related to the wire harness is at least 6mm, unless the wire harness has been fixed on this part, or there is already an obstruction between the wire harness and the nearby moving parts

       Fourth, manual assembly is required. The harness fixing parts to be pressed into the seat, as well as the holes and slots into which the cable clips are inserted, should be designed according to the following maximum installation force; for the fixing parts pressed by fingers, the operating force is 45N; The fixing parts are pressed by hand, the operating force is 75N.

      Fifth, the car wiring harness must have sufficient slack (more than 25mm under the minimum length of the wiring harness) so that they do not need to add load to the connected sensors or other.

     Sixth, in order to prevent the grounding lugs from damaging any harness on the trunk, the minimum gap between the grounding lugs on the harness trunk and the harness trunk should be maintained at 25mm during loading.

     Seventh, in order to ensure that the related rubber plugging function of the automobile wiring harness is normal, the blocked mounting hole must meet the relevant requirements.

     Eighth, the rubber plug should be designed so that it can be completely assembled into the sheet metal hole under the installation force of less than 100N.

     Ninth, the noise generated by the wiring harness to the headrest of the driver's seat should not be greater than 50dB, and the frequency is 50 ~ 15000Hz.

    Jetosh wire harness processing factory transmits or exchanges the power signal or data signal of the electrical system to the automobile wiring harness processing to realize the function and requirements of the electrical system.

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  • Wiring harnesses |cable wire harnesses Manufacturer -JETOSH
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  • Wiring harnesses |cable wire harnesses Manufacturer -JETOSH
  • Wiring harnesses |cable wire harnesses Manufacturer -JETOSH
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