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Cable Harness Assemblies For Safety Within Automation

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Cable Harness Assemblies For Safety Within Automation

by CableKing 

With the supposed constant depletion of natural resources which are used for fuel, alternatives are considered regularly by energy experts. With plans for the worlds first fuel cell powered being unveiled, the future looks ever more interesting for the implementation of a cable harness assembly in automation.

The Japanese firm Toyota revealed their grand design at the Tokyo Motor Show to much aplomb with many rival manufacturers also planning energy conservative cars for direct competition after Toyotas lines are rolled out for commercial use in 2015.


The official PR line from Toyota is certainly one with resounding confidence in their innovations:

“FCVs are powered by fuel cells, which generate electricity from hydrogen, which is not only environmentally friendly and highly energy-efficient, but can also be produced using a variety of readily available raw materials. Thanks to these characteristics, fuel cell vehicles are ideal for achieving sustainable mobility. Therefore, Toyota is striving to make this vehicle technology widely available as soon as possible.”

Hyundai are already in contention for mass production for as soon as next year with Honda expected to follow suit after a similar unveiling of their FCEV effort in the past week. Although not without its deriders, the market for fuel cell powered cars looks like expanding.


The main pulling power of these innovations that have raised eyebrows all over the industry is that they are completely emission-free. Suburban pollution is constantly on the rise with places such as China extremely polluted; partly down to emissions from cars and larger vehicles. According to experts, 16 of the world’s 20 cities with the highest levels of pollution are in China.

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