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Analysis of common problems in terminal connection wire harness

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Common terminal wiring of equipment in daily life often encounters end pressure drop during processing, PVC is retracted by heat, tension is not up to standard after end pressure, etc., causing abnormalities in the use of the client, so how to prevent terminal connection Bad phenomenon occurred during wire processing, analysis of common problems in terminal connection line of Jiefuxin wire harness processing factory.


Terminal connectors often have the following problems during processing: First, PVC is retracted by heat During the soldering process of the connecting wire, if the temperature of the soldering tin is too high, the soldering time will be too long, and the PVC will be heated and retracted. The immersion tin material will generally choose the tin copper of the specification Sn99.5-Cu0.5, and the temperature inside the furnace is required. It reaches the melting point of 220-227 ° C, the melting point is high, the mechanical properties are slightly lower, but the manufacturing cost is low. Therefore, to solve the situation that the PVC is heated and retracted, the temperature resistant PVC sheath can be selected or the tinning time should not be too long. Second, the tension is not up to standard after crimping The tensile force is generated after the conductor and the terminal are crimped. The factors affecting the tension are mainly the pressing height of the front and rear legs during the end pressing process, the material of the terminal and the material of the blade and the structural design thereof. The main factors of the pressing height of the front and rear feet are the factors. One, such as the 1007#24AWG electronic wire, the general minimum pulling force is 4N, the front foot pressing height is 0.7±0.03mm, and the rear leg height is 1.35±0.05mm. Therefore, if the pulling force is not enough, the height of the terminal during the pressing process can be appropriately adjusted to improve.

Third, the terminal is off the PIN It is an indispensable process to wear the rubber shell during the processing of the wire harness. However, in the course of the operation, the problem of the terminal removing the PIN often occurs. To avoid this problem, the operator can listen to the sound and hear the card click or pull back to ensure The terminal is in place. Jiefuxin wire harness processing factory has been adhering to the "customer satisfaction" quality anyway, 22 years of unswervingly adhere to the goal and work hard. It is believed that Jiefuxin's insistence will be recognized by more and more customers. In the terminal connection line, wire harness processing, and custom industry inspirational, it mainly produces connecting lines for smart home wiring harnesses, automobile wiring harnesses, and financial equipment harnesses.

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