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Wiring harnesses |cable wire harnesses Manufacturer -JETOSH

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5S management Of Cable Manufacturer

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5S management is familiar to enterprise managers. So what exactly can 5S management bring? First of all, the purpose of 5s is introduced. 5s refers to the core of manufacturing site management and product-oriented, which promotes orderly site management, improves production efficiency, and guarantees quality and The magic weapon of quality and cost reduction. The purpose is to shorten delivery time, ensure safe production management, and improve staff morale. So how does Jetosh do 5s?

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Focus on customer employee satisfaction

The ultimate purpose of the development of data line manufacturers is to create profits, and customers and employees are the source of profits. The ultimate purpose of 5S management is to improve the quality of employees, make customers satisfied, and bring more profits to the enterprise. In the implementation of 5S management, we must work closely around this theme.

All members leave

The implementation of 5S should be consistent with all manufacturers and all staff involved, and the manager, class leader, and team leader must cooperate closely because 5S is implemented in every workshop and every department. The management should inform employees or educate employees about the importance of sorting, rectifying, and cleaning, and then further inform everyone about how to develop a standardization, how to carry out sorting, rectifying, and cleaning. Once everyone is ready, this group can do better. Therefore, in the 5S activities, everyone in the department must be responsible for each link; each responsibility must be linked, that is, each leading cadre must be linked.

Periodic inspection

Regularly visiting the site regularly is one of the methods to express strong support for 5S management, that is, to visit the site frequently. Usually organized inspection activities are performed according to the requirements on the 5S checklist. In this way, you can understand the company's 5s implementation. Fortunately, departmental rewards and penalties are clear.

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  • Wiring harnesses |cable wire harnesses Manufacturer -JETOSH
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  • Wiring harnesses |cable wire harnesses Manufacturer -JETOSH
  • Wiring harnesses |cable wire harnesses Manufacturer -JETOSH
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